ballot defecating shadows of hunger over
poverty creased napkins of my mind
slums farting anopheles into the gutters of my blood
long departed hunters urinated bullets into iron uterus of
war tired peasants
giving birth to atomic bombs
and suckling grenades
media wizards imbibing propaganda salami
and slogan pizza
hunger mandraxed rabbis licking fingers after chalk dust noon meals
i am a word dynamite fumigating corrupt economic bedbugs
sucking out the fertility of our sunshine
clouds of hungry bellies rumble with formulae
sunrise with virus graffiti scribbled on its forehead
moonrise with roaches corrupting its eczema eaten breasts
bread buttered with tustiville blood ,sanguages cheesed with
darfur wounds
gore dripping diamonds auctioned for flesh guzzling guns
brown teethed nights grazing green mealies before fingers
of dawn caress vendetta wounded minds
unrepentant Ngo bishops pimping vulnerables for fat cheque books,gong and bling
greenback lauretes double crossing peacecrats and warcrats in donor shebeens
economic whores dipping their sperm-ducts in diplomatic brothels
paparazzi gutters vomiting garbage of spray painted columns
slogan dogs parodying Hiroshima farce and bag dad comedy
greenhorns licking leftovers of propaganda braai packs after ballot arithmetic
undersized zealots fitting political g-strings in springs of delimitation
political morons mastering propaganda syllabus in their gimmick-
tired memories.
i am a poetic chlorine puritising political mental conveyor belts
from the crude oil of corruption
i am a metaphoric lotion peeling off eczema of the decade election hepatitis