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I wrote this poem in 2010 , celebrating Africa for hosting the world cup . I feel now i need to celebrate the Day of the African Child and my birthday month of June 2015 through this month , this is the same am awarded a certificate of poetry for a Unesco certified international organization Premio -Italy.

Dawn- for the Day of the African Child.
my Africa
, i see your tongue dripping the honey of sacred languages
tongues rolling in holy tones
the spirit of nerfetiti walking pyramids naked and free.
my Africa the breath of your life smell in Serengeti
while ngorongoro breathe fortune in your back
another night , another daylight
Kilimanjaro never slept last night , with breath of identity
bangamoyo smelling the scent of palms in the fluorescent of African Sunday
my Africa
the smoke of mosia tunya ,thundering
Zambezi vomiting fish
hippos dancing the light of the moonshine
‘crocodiles basking in glee of the sunshine
copper fields heaving with wealth untouched and unspoiled.
Namib desert pregnant dangling with diamonds
fish river canyon bleeding with hope ,not surrendering
skeleton coast ,
compressing the ribs of struggles won and history told.
Shafiishuna pushing the freedom cart up and down pan Africa
Valleys of rhythm
My africa
i see inyanga coughing the laughter of beauty mist
in the dawn of day
chimanimani giving birth to a newssun with joy
matopos welcoming the new ritual
after the storytelling of sleeping legends
mzilkhazi ,tshaka,nehanda and lobengula
times folded and unfolded
your memory written in the museum of revolution
after kinda love theater at vilanculos beach
i walk along bazaruto archipelago
my blood floating the warmth of cabora bassa
my Africa
in this journey to the destiny of soyo and luena
swazi kingdom,cleansing its feet in pongolo river
Princes and princesses dancing rain coming
another daylight
another moonshine
another rain season
another harvest
sunrise with the image of king moshoeshoe
in his trip in the mountain kingdom
walking down up his former kraal
africa rise again ,rise to your destiny
my Africa.
Mandela , the smile of Africa
the glee of the land
trudging through shakaland with his spears of freedom
after nights and days in robin island
spirit floating in soweto townships
soul breathing life in table mountains
kamuzu smoking imboza in the wind valleys
the mystery of mount mulanje
fish breeding generations in shire river.
my destiny
my Africa
, shine your forehead with Vaseline of freedom
caress your armpits with the lotion of wisdom
grease your thighs with soap of liberation
sing with me this song of civilization
enjoy the omelet of progression