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Wandering in Africa{Africa, Hungarian Poetry Project 2015}

– A multilingual collection of poetry from Africa to be published online in Hungary
The project organizers are calling for poets who write in Karanga , Swahili, Hausa , Lingala , Yoruba ,Zulu ,Sotho , Tonga , Tumbuka , Nyanja ,Ndebele ,etc to submit to this electronic poetry translation and publishing project.
Objective – promotion of literary /cultural integration and exchange
– Promoting African dialects on an international platform
– Sharing the value and the richness of African dialects
-To give space and a voice to African Poets who write in their mother languages.
Participation – Poets from Morocco to South Africa
Guidelines of the Project
1.5 poems written in mother languages and translated into English, French or Spanish.
2. You need to meet the deadline; the proposed deadline is 30th of October 2015
3. all submissions to be sent to all following emails, girlchildcreativity@gmail.com and 1943ibadi@gmail.com
4. Please submit your work in time, include your best photo and your 3 line bio summary.
5. This project is not for profit, they are no payments required or to be paid to the participants, it is a platform for artistic, literary and cultural exchange.
NB, Do not hesitate to get more information from the African Entries Co-coordinator

Mbizo Chirasha – at girlchildcreativity@gmail.com and Dabi István,1943ibadi@gmail.com