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MyPenImage result for pictures  a  black pen – Dear Reader this  blog journal  you are about  to  read .It is a mix bag of my tough experience  as i escaped  from my home of birth into  an unknown concrete jungle  as much  as supported by one of my new poem  which is  carrying the title of this blog-journal.This blog-journal  gives my raw scary story in full  as much as an extract from the  short essays   that am putting together as the book of my life.The Pen  is  mightier than  the sword . What is  right is might and what is might is right.


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AN extract from  the poem .[ I will not silence the sun ,I will silence  the gun}.

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Iam a child of the rainbow and stone

The sun and the river feed my dreams


I am writing a letter to booze sodden political lizards  and sex sodden propaganda vultures

Whose smell still linger in our summers

I will not silence the sun, i will silence the gun

I am writing a letter to nicotine burnt brothers and tears bleached mothers,

Holding on their sun burnt dreams,

I will not silence the sun; i want to silence the gun

I am writing a letter to  nights in drizzles of grief and dozing villages

I want to silence the gun, i will not silence the sun

I am writing a letter to the president about  hawkers economy  and

Festivals of motorcades sirens

freedom is the door to the next generation and it is a candlelight  in the bedroom of hope!

I am writing a letter to dissidents farting teargas and hatred in congo

Congo – my Nagasaki

Darfur my Hiroshima- fermenting coup d’états in breweries of war,pimping  the state for

hot bread and slogans

Dissidents plucking off the petals of the revolution, drinking the passion fruit of freedom

I want to silence the gun  , i will not silence the sun

I am writing  a letter  to msholozi, that  i will not silence the sun  , i will silence the gun

Madiba is no more, a heart break of Azania

The river that carried our smell and totems, the river that coursed with our past

Madiba the summer sun that melted into the hazy mountains, leaving behind

Children wetting the rainbow mat with stale urine, beer- coholics drunk with xenophobia

Hawkers vending guns for gain, Casanovas pimping freedom for slogan.

Black freedom toting fists for revenge,  i see people with stones heavy in their hearts,

Trembling in the delight of fading rain, dieting from gossip and fear,

In a country smitten by ego and arrogant ambition

A country that lost its character and everything, infected by moral dementia, drinking  from jars of sorrow every dawn


I will not silence the sun , i will silence the gun

I will not silence the drums, i want to silence sirens


I love America, i am writing a love letter to America

I will not silence the drums, i want to silence the wind

The wind that brought evils, evils lurking in the waters

I love America, i am writing a letter to the gods of America,

that  i hate chocolate coated bitter smiles


I am packing  a powerful poem for supper tasting   political carrot and potato

I will not silence the griots , i will  silence the republics

Mandela went with his oranges, we no longer enjoy the vitamin c,

Children suffer from the scurvy of freedom, a generation of condom and mobiles,

On this  earth is farting the unpleasant smell of corruption and joke


I will not silence the griots, i will silence the republics

See crocodiles dancing in rivers waiting for rain

China eating beries with monkeys in Serengeti,

Yeoville lulled to sleep by nigger hip-hop and Jamaica reggae

Africa drinking red wine in the sun of Washington, America walking barefoot in  diamond villages


Slums burning in sex and cigars, smoke of gossip choking nations sneezing burden, nations

coughing a heavy smoke of burning coal of corruption

Savana babies biting bullets in slums of freedom miscarriages and  revolutionary abortions

While Mothers recite hymns of death

Sister, freedom is a gift!

I will not silence the griots; i want to silence the republics

I want to silence the gun, i will not silence the sun

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Extract from the Essays the Book of my Life{ The Mosquitoes country classics}

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I did not surrender to  sleep . I perched myself  under a see through,aged  ,rag  like blanket.It stank of old urine ,syphilis ,stale sperm  and human sweat.Here my bed is the cold  ,aged , crackling and dust laden  floor of a dilapidated  ghetto .  The anopheles  is singing   in a threatening soprano, its infant dances to me , while crackling into a night  buzzing tenor,its male  partner- of the anopheles belches  and belches after  quenching its  dryness from my rude ,rich  ,tired blood coursing  in this alcohol tinted peasantry veins.This male then rumbles into  a  mind vibrating  baritone. I scratched the  guitar strings of  my itching  skin- producing scratches -the strings of my skin produce  a  very familiar  ,sweet ,bitter  musical  sound  like  in a whole night concert- the Mosquitoes Country Classics.  The vigil ended as the Kanyama cockerels burst into another   festival  of songs.The dark mass of shadows disappear and are replaced by a tired ,dozing  orange sun. Another day arrives abruptly.I am alone scratching the strings of  my skin .My fellow singers disappear into pools of stagnant  liquid outside waiting for another  all night festival of song  and  blood drinking  .


Mbizo Chirasha – is a  fast rising Zimbabwean Poet. Whosepoetry ,opinions ,essays,blogs and perfomances are without borders.His writings are now featured in more  than 5oo platforms around the globe.Hehas intiated projects ,managed events and he is a Resident Representative of many global projects in his country that include 100tpc.org ,the Women Scream International Poetry Festival.Mbizo Chirasha  was selected among delegates to Goteborg International BookFair by SIDAin Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe International Book Fair.He excelled in his performances ,talks and readings. Hehas worked  as a Poet in Residence for Embassies,Cultural networks ,global conferences , literary arts exchanges and local events. Mbizo Chirasha isthe Publisher /Author of the  https://personalitiesofinspiration.wordpress.com/ ,https://miombopublishing.wordpress.com/author/miombopublishing/,http://mbizotheblackpoet.blogspot.com/,https://mbizotheblackpoet.wordpress.com/,http://poetrychatroom.blogspot.com/,http://girlchildcreativity.blogspot.com/,https://climatediariesafrica.tumblr.com/. Chirasha is  also a Creative Communities Expert , Writer ,Literary Arts Curator and Creative Projects Consultant.

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