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From the Poet– The Poems seek to address and reflect matters that affect Africa today  in both socio-political and moral fabric. These poems will be included in one of the poetry collection to be  published by a Zimbabwean Publisher in 2017. This is just a teaser to the reader and also the poems exhibit  the  hard truth that  the world is in  and it is the role of a poet to sing  the ills   and state of  nations  through political metaphor and revolutionary paradox. I would like to invite positive and constructive comments on the  literary body of work. Contact Poet  Mbizo Chirasha at mbizotheblackpoet@gmail.com ,@mbizoblackpoet,https://www.facebook.com/mbizo.chirasha,https://www.linkedin.com/in/mbizo-chirasha-9ba48a42?trk=hp-identity-name,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mbizo_Chirasha.


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Drums blowing sorrows of our past

Beating the rhythm of our present sorrows

Sorrows dangling in canopies of savanna

Sorrows eating garlic and arv for supper

Sorrows doped with wiki leaks and cheap slogan

Sorrows burning in the dead of the village smoke

Sorrows strapped in the backs of burden.

Cassava republics

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Child of lost sperm in sunsets of political masturbation


Deadline of our revolutions


Constipated stomach ,disease ravaged, bloodless dozing  monk.


Culture lost in the dust of Saxon lexicon and gutter slang


Drunk and dreamless generation.


Cervical blister of the unfinished revolution fungi.


Corruption polonium deforming elders into political hoodlums


Lodge of secessionists and human guillotines.

Lost Cities

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In the acoustics of the revolution

Hit songs of true and false comrades

Demons and crocodiles climb up political ladders.

Media gossip down pours, propaganda and myth worship.

Ballot fart and ideological fornication exalted

Political slogan decaying them to toothlessness.

Bleached skins and minds, globalisation making their sick blood

pigment. Ignorance served in pubs, churches and cinemas

Ribs cracked by gonorrhea humor.

Dawn of Sunset

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Islamophobia and Christianophobia drank the york of our time

Socialism, liberalism and regionalism many other isms made rags

of us. Slaves to bitterness from imported political and religion attitudes.

The sleep laden minds of Zambezi lost in the in the thicket of ballot arithmetic.

Minds swollen by songs whose tunes crevice granite boulders of unending chumurenga.


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Mandela,the summer sun that rose through  rubbles of our winter

Gadafi and Sadamu making shadufs and pyramids

…….another spring

Obama and Osama pulling rich political carrot in Segorong

Robin Island slept golden nightmares and charcoal dreams,

Soweto virgins cracking their under feet in the long walk to freedom

Faces carrying the burden of  freedom and anthems.

Kisangani and other virgins

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Azania, you sing silent mbaqanga in your sleep


Your children eating apartheid tripe and samp

I see the wild fire of Somaliland that everyone sees and

pretend to be blind. Let Samora’s spoken word caress

wounded palms  of Mozambique.

I hear drumbeats of hope coming from Tumbuktu.

Kisingani your weeping silence reaches the throne of God.

Nyangani you cry silent dreams in your sleep, of children

harvesting paradoxes of history and metaphors of identity.

Stomachs belong to the state!

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Kalanda , we are raised through the smoke and stink  of dumping sites,

In dusty broken streets of dingy shanties

Chilling culture of poverty whipping our backs and slapping our scarred faces

Kalanda , we passed through rough fingers of the state

Purity of sisters corrupted by bowls of spaghetti in district light cafes

Kalanda, their smiles plant want than wheat on our doorsteps.

Mbizo Chirasha/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mbizo_Chirasha is an internationally published poet , editor/blogging publisher.He is the Resident Coordinator of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change in Zimbabwe/www.100tpc.org/harare. Mbizo Chirasha is the Resident Curator of Women Scream International Poetry Festival  for Zimbabwe and Zambia/www.womenscream.blogspot.com. He is the  Inaugural events organizer for Wikipedia and WikiLoves Africa Project in Zimbabwe.The poet is the Co-Editor of  the multilingual  african poetry collection published  in Germany/http://www.street-voice.de/SV7/SVissue7.html. Mbizo is the Founder of the GirlchildCreativity Project and the Urban Colleges Writers Prize/www.girlchildcreativity.blogspot.com.He intiated two active global  blog journals-https://personalitiesofinspiration.wordpress.com/,https://miombopublishing.wordpress.com/. The Poet  boast of  his poetry  being published in every country  around the globe.