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Mbizo Chirasha – the International Womens Day with his carefully selected poems .

Dream of Rain

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This is the land that fed our dreams
Wind suffocated in the yellow smoke of wheat
Our fields’ crimson red and clouds gray with millet sheaves
Pans hissing with oil baking bread
Gleaming thighs of  our days sweating under the rain season sun that bloomed,
The flamboyant flowers
Weeds of hunger already been exiled



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Raised through the bowls of sweat in millet acres
Through the forests of bullets shells and wounded earth
Guyana is not the mist of forgotten and tired centuries
It is the petal whose scent perfumed the stink of revolutions.
Exiled pauper.


Patriot of home in the squalor of my exile
Pauper who brewed the revolution and never drink from the gourd of freedom
In this exile, power is the game of bullet than the ballot
We built water tanks  but we still buy water
Peasants have no cassava to feed babies but helicopters to fly them to propaganda stations.


Haiti, Haiti ,Haiti

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Sorrow stole the heart of the land
Lungs of the east suffocating
South heaving with heavy smell of sweat
The west drunk with blood
The north intoxicated in tears
Death whispered terror in the marrow of this land
And the land became death, lungs of the earth heaved with,
Death of the beloved
Deathly wings flapping down green bushes, love eaten by darkness
Babies buried themselves, mothers went way smiling love
Seekers of divine run buzzing in bee-hive collective
Singing eulogies and laments in this perspective

Haiti Haiti Haiti

Don’t go to bed, with tears in your tender heart
And sweat of grief on your thighs
Darkness is swallowed by light
Energized sun springing eastwards
Heaven smiling to souls that went unwilling
Crimeless generation, when nature call even kings whimper.
Fire does not burn one bush, every time
I will sing you a song, a
Eulogy, crimeless generation

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti

Drink cups of hope with delight
Drink mugs of peace with hope
Light the candle lights, listening to silent freedom coming
Whispering moments of redemption

Haiti, crimeless generation

I am on your lap, from somberness to the day when laughter laugh again
To the dawn when flowers bloom again
Smiles triumph shadows

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti

Rise and see the smiling sun.


Dear Mother

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I am the womb aborted in the Baghdadis of grenades
I am a fetus suffocating in the mist of politricks
I am the archaeology that you can study for your Ph.D.
I am the cemetery of unused minds
I am the tomb of spent bullet shells
I am the tombstone without inscriptions of the dead history
I can nibble poverty roasting my brothers and sisters

Mother Africa, your back is breaking under the burden of ancient humiliation
You fought deadly battles even in the absence of man
You are the victim of darkness
See grime and dust for juvenile feeding
Grenades for infant toys
Listen to the cries and fight of struggles
To the song of the wind
To the sufferers who fed on grain despair
To the discord
Of second class citizens

Dear mother bring the flowers that I enjoy the sweetness of the revolution before sunset
Deny to rust in silence
Deny to dance in ignorance
Children of mother Africa, let us mouldy share from one plate
Of oneness
Contemplate history and see into the future, let us not read history, let’s
Make history
Prepare for the odyssey of pan-African progress
Prepare for the dance offering so waited and germinate the seeds of African renaissance
The seeds of black flowers.