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From Mbizo-This was a quick morning glory  written to be in solidarity with the threatened MotoRepublik for being critic of the state,  the state fears movements who reflect on issues for the best communities .The state now attack critics of any form. I will always write , what is right is might ,what is might is right. Excuse the grammar  this blogged is rushed for the better of the  masses  and the international community to know what is happening in Zimbabwe. Moto Republik was founded by social justice activist and Poet Cde Fatso aka Sam Munro and Outspoken a brilliant poet  with other African/Zimbabwean changemakers through media ,poetry,theatre and other artistic methods. The hub assisted the success of many young people in cash stripped and employment shambled Zimbabwe. Lets all be in solidarity with MotoRepublik and its leadership, Contact Mbizo Chirasha mbizotheblackpoet@gmail.com , www.facebook.com/mbizochirasha , www.twitter.com/mbizochirasha





bad people, traitors are ones who finished diamond money 15 billion while the people of marange are in abject poverty, traitors are people who sit in parliament for allowances and banquets, while the city is choked with moral decadence and disease, traitors are people who build mansions in the name of richness , while our mothers who voted for them are  eating berries in villages, traitors are the people who sing the revolutionary and socialistic rhetoric, while they beat and roast the same socialistic,revolutionatistic voters in furnaces of violence and pans of capitalism, traitors are those who teargas vendors who are trying to survive and send children to schools , pay rationed water and loadshedded power, traitors are ones who  took Itai Dzamara , traitors are the one who refused Bhanditi to perform his satiric plays at parliament, traitors are ones who preach peace and unity while they sacrifice the rights of people in tribal ,regional factionalism, traitors are the ones who buy expensive jewelry , while binga is leaving in fear of mounting malaria and cholera, traitors are the ones who demonize potential political leaders because of their individualistic,egostic and autocratic , selfish ambitions. Traitors are the ones who have failed the plight of the poor farmers by scraping tobacco prices on them, traitors are the ones who crumbled parastatals  through corruption- Railways , Roads, FOOD Industry and Universities, traitors are the ones who just want artists ,poets and writers as praise singers than being the voice of voiceless, Traitors are ones who do not want to license the media , for media democracy and diversity, traitors are the ones who thrive on the blood and the frustration of young people , talented artists , vocal contributors in fear of being exposed, traitors are the ones who rush to voters when it is ballot rush season and sing nothing but empty wind, traitors are ones who sleep , fart and concentrate on whatsapp in parliament while others discuss progress, traitors are ones who killed in 2007 , 2005 , 2009, 2013, Traitors are not patriots .Patriots are us poets , writers , Motorepubliks , who are fighting for social justice, political sanity , corrupt free Zimbabwe, moral best country, Iam a better patriot than traitors who leave their people going to die in diaspora running away from their misdirection, traitors are the ones who make country cashless while we got diamond , gold , elephants , rich soil ,platinum, rivers , attractions , women ,strong youth ,professors , doctors ,thinkers. Traitors must be taken to church .Please prophets kindly pray for the Traitors and covert them to good morals. Iam patriot iam telling the traitors the best thing through satire , metaphor and paradox, traitors are the ones persecuting true revolutionary cadres , who  suffered the brunt of bringing the nations to fat cats and corrupt zealots who now enjoy the creme dela-creme of the national cake while heroes breakfast gossip, factions, empty tea and feasted upon by bedbugs , salmonella and tuberculosis, while true heroes and heroines are thrown to the peripheries and edges of national neglect. Poets rise up for your and take stand, change and transform this traited land into a better world

About Moto Republik

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It is a co-creation space where you can work collaboratively to sharpen your craft, and produce the big new ideas. The creative hub consists of a rooftop garden members’ canteen, co-working space for creatives, office space for your start-up organisations working in media/arts/youth activism, a training and workshop space, and office space for Magamba Network staff.The hub is located in a funky shipment container unit and renovated property in the Greater Avenues area down the road from Travel Plaza. You have to see it yourself to believe it! The ‘Moto’ in Moto Republik stands for the flames of creativity; while the ‘Republik’ shows that it is a vibrant and inter-dependent community.

As one of Moto Republik’s founding board members, Fungai Tichawangana, put it: “Moto Republik will be that place where sparks can come together and ignite big fires of creativity, not just to entertain audiences, but to challenge and provoke them too.”If you are working on a big idea, if you want to have significant social impact using the creative industries as your thrust then THIS SPACE IS FOR YOU.

Moto Republik offers flexible membership packages ranging from basic services in the Casual package at $15 per month to the more professional and serious Moto Native package which is all inclusive and offered at $100 per month. In between we have the Creative package and the Hub Connect packages which vary in pricing between $50 and $75/month. Other amenities range from getting a business address, permanent workstation or hot desk depending on your needs, discounts on a range of items including printing and copying, coffee and eats from the rooftop members’ canteen, member-exclusive rates for venue rentals, event access and more. Membership is now open, and all sign-ups are done directly on the Moto Republik website, so let us know if you’re interested in membership so we can start allotting workstations. It is first come first serve for those who fit the creative profile, so spread the word not to delay in signing up!

Moto Republik creative hub is brought to you by Magamba Network which has a track record for pioneering in creative development having birthed and built the fastest growing music and arts festival in Zimbabwe, Shoko Festival; producing Zambezi News which has become internationally recognised as a leading satire show on the continent; hosting some of Harare’s leading events in hip hop, spoken word and comedy; and of course our foundation-laying work of training young citizen journalists and running Kalabash as a leading youth opinion website.

Once we’re up and running, come through to see what all the buzz is about and join the creative revolution in Harare…It’s gonna be fun!

Aluta Continua!Viva Magamba , Viva Moto ,Viva Shoko!