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Image result for a scribbled  envelope with  respect to germanyDedicated Andreas Weiland and global poets , writers and organizations.


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I learnt that  in life many PEOPLE smile and laugh with you , when the sky is blue and  the sun is shining. And  when thick  and pitch dark shadows creep  to announce the setting sun in your life for example  and when  darkness   rage  against the light of your  life ,their wide smiles  fade and their  friendly giggles sink into oblivion. Such is life! I have since learnt a lot in this life, our life, and our lives are sinked in experiences both of negative and positive nature.

Brother Selfless this is my Letter to you.

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You are a special brother Selfless Comrade. You are advanced in age but your time is not yet up and your ocean is not yet full.        We still need   your utmost commitment, your humble service to others, your wisdom, your teachings and mentorship. God will keep you for a long time. Despite our differences in climates, ages, economies, education and talents. You never minded   much of my pestering   .You embraced me as a brother during all times .You are  an all weather friend. You met me in the time i needed  others most. You are God sent. You met me at cross roads, you heard my story, you owned my story, and you told my story. My story became your story, It is your story. Iam touched with   your commitment. You guided me and whispered advice in the ears of my mind. You gave me the understanding of the heart and you taught me to listen to my heart ,my mind and my soul in anything i do.

Many people ran away from me including those i share the rising sun and its setting with. Even those that I watched the drama of the moon and the soap opera f seasons with, they vanished out of my life. Some wished me dead. Some laughed out their lungs. Some gave  me fake smiles and faking concern.

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Despite all and distance apart from each other, you stood by my side. Am quite touched and iam short of words. You are selfless and great man. You rocked, you deserve the Germany, the African ,the Zimbabwe and the Global Nobel.

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My committed, self less brother you spend sleepiness nights for my sake . You understand the value of talent, of creative enterprise, the importance of poetry to the masses of this world. I didn’t know out there that i got powerful friends, committed poets and selfless colleagues, who are dedicated to the duty of saving others, knowing no colour ,race   and political orientation. I concluded that African writers, poets and our organisations should learn from this your gesture and experience.

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I am just a humble- rude tough made rural cultivated peasant,  a pen whiz kid who never expected   to impact the world and his country through  crude verse and tough metaphor.  I have  become to understand that Poetry is the soul of the masses; Poetry is the heartbeat of the villages. it is the rhythm of the  streets though it stinks rottenness  in corridors of the elite, it roasts  fat cats and autocrats in pans of  satire.

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Its cold out here but you made it a little warm through your commitment and selflessness.

Brother Andreas you taught me how to weave the life gift of giving and sharing, of companionship. You taught me to do things with right motive, the right emotion, the right fulfilment and the right passion.

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Many today got the wind of my threatening condition. I am a victim of the truth and justice , Send  my greetings  to concerned ,true and loving people around the world- Professor  in Aachen Germany and her family , Researchers in Enger Germany ,in Mexico ,in Glasgow,Slovakia,UAK,Savana Africa, Tropical Africa, America ,Texas, the Latina, Sweden , Norway ,Greece,brasil ,PortugaL,SA,Zambia , Zimbabwe . Mr Pan Global icon-This is my letter to you. I can’t thank you to the fullest. I think this is my first way to thank you.  I thank you from this my exile, away from the land that buried and still carry the remnants of my umbilical cord, away from the laughter of Shungunamutitima,away from the roaring Zambezi, away from the hustle and bustle of fellow vendors, away from the smell of cow dung and sting of wood smoke that shaped my dreams and the art of my poetry- the smell of fresh cow dung.

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I say to you Andreeas Wieland. I met a brother, a father, a committed poet, advisor in you. The counsel of your words and your wisdom will be carried in the depth of  my marrow forever.

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Thumbs up to you  COMRADES AROUND THE GLOBE WHO HEARD THE VIBE AND LEANED BY ME, to brother  Sendoo OF MONGOLIA , Fernandez,  sister Zoe,to PEN GERMANY , to Professors in Aachen  and the family ,to Slovakia, to PEN INTERNATIONAL ,TO PEN SOUTH AFRICA, to Tsitsi TSOPOTSA,TO ALBERT MUTEBA – Zambian Filmmaker, To Cde FREEMAN CHARI, Roende Watt  for hospitality ,Care and security in Modest suburbs of SouTH AFRICA, to Promise Sangweni , to Tylot Chirasha,Cathrine Magodo Mtukwa ,to  Cde ShoesLambada for ZHPR,to Chido Musasiwa and Muzondo ,EricTsabola for accomodating  me in hard times in Zimbabwe and Robert Tapfunaeyi for adv ise and company, Chirikure  for standing by young poets in Zimbabwe , Bhanditi for advise and Daves Guzha for the shoulder during tenure of  self projects at Theatre in the Park.

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Yours with Sincerity.


Mbizo Ratsauka Chirasha- the Citizen ,Poet of the People ,the BLACKPOETAA