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MiomboPenImage may contain: one or more people– One of these days . It rained , it later sobered. rain stopped.  i mean it later stopped , Yes i mean.  I was  in  my home library   reading  , relaxing  and reading, i mean  the day was simple  though  gray  and uninviting. She called me  , she  had  arrived  in Zimbabwe , Harare the previous . She wanted to talk to me ,  no romance here . no. She was given my  name  by  some artists , she was told of  my hardworking , my spirit of creativity , my respect  to  women kind. IT IS TRUE    I was brought up by   a women .

Tsitsi came to Zimbabwe   during the rain season  , i forgot the date , i was broke , i was  depressed , Zimbabwe was broke . My energy was smoked out , yes i was   tired of the country  i was born .  Tsitsi called . We met  at  Mug and Bean . She was anticipating  a selfish , proud  and stupid  petit  -kleptomania . I arrived  at the venue , simple dressed , drenched  and wet . LIFE.

I didn’t  beg her . She bought  a black-label  Zimbabwean brand  beer , i gulped it with the hunger  of English , yes iam a village student  what do you expect? We   experienced , stole  and drank  traditional brew.  I drank the drags  . It was beautiful meeting . She told me of the wonderful project – Setseno Women Writers Mentor ship project for Africans and Zimbabweans .   Her best story on Amazon  DIARY OF THE USAH , her other  famous  story  Zebra crossings  which is featured on YouTube as a trailer. Wonderful digital marketing.

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I responded , i needed in my creative life , she needed  me in her professional life , it all became professional . THE SISTER is  inspiring . She is the inspiration of   young African girls and women . She discovered  her talent   during the greenness of her age. VERY VALID. We talked about my blogs , projects , gender issues  and life .

Tsitsi went back to London after few days  of  our rainy   , soddy  and wonderful . She  called . We started working  together , digital working . She is still working hard and iam  working hard. I respect diehards.

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After few weeks Tsopotsa made it . She won a prize , not only a prize , i mean an international prize. She is  creatively empowered , industrial motivated  and mesmerizing . Yes i wrote about her achievement , achievements on this journal.

May  young African and global girls take a leaf  from this    health worker, this  nurse , this creative philanthropist , this writer , this mother , this human being  for the betterment of their creative filament.

To book lovers , book buyers  ,  story lovers , poets  , to  be partners and the global community . Please kindly  find Tsopotsa on facebook using https://www.facebook.com/tsi.tsop and  email Tsoposta mobileelaine@gmail.com .



Tsitsi TsopotsaImage result for tsitsi tsopotsa  is a force to reckon  in the literary arts industry and she has become an inspiration  to many . She dives into  romance , fable like  stories then dives back into comedy and satire. Her    most popular stories include the Diary of the USAH and The Zebra Crossings . These are all Zimbabwean stories  though they may differ in  time setting and even place setting. Tsitsi  has become a global  writer/ storyteller  who tells the Zimbabwean story in  the global arena. Tsopotsa has proved  that she  is truly a creative force   by winning a prestigious  award  late 2016  with BAWR for her story ,Diary of the USAH. The mesmerizing author  has been featured in several blogs , sites and  airwaves .Her profiles have been published  in various websites and newspapers. The Writer , Social Entrepreneur , Cultural Activist and Creative Artist ENJOYS  both African and International recognition. Her endevours can be tapped by the growing generations of Young writers. She is following up the footsteps of FEMRITE , WRITIVISM, STORYMOJA    and other Organisations  through her  strong  , creative and artistic voluntary mentor ship organisation Setseno which is also a publishing  organisation.  Underneath is   the record , files , posts and mentions  of the good and inspiring writings / works of Tsopotsa past and present.

Tsitsi lost her mother in April  2017. May you rest in PEACE MaTsopotsa.

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